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    Naresha, a young girl, strong in the force. Revan has defeated the Sith Emperor, has brought peace to the galaxy and and has past away, becoming one with the force. He knew how to manifest himself as a force ghost however and is now looking for someone he could share all his knowledge about the force with. Could she be the one?

  • Force-sensitive Revan
    12 hours 33 minutes ago

    Battle of the Foundry, the most ridiculous battle ever.
    There you have a strike team, the Empire's best vs Revan: Jedi Master, former Sith Lord who has fought countless battles against all kindes of things, everything from Sith warriors, Sith Lords, Sith soldiers, Mandalorians, he ruled an empire and nearly conqured the Republic and almost defeated the Sith Emperor, if it wasn't for that he was betrayed in the last minuted by a pathetic fool called Scourge!

    My point is, I know Revan isn't dead but I didn't like his end in the game. It was, in a way a betrayel of the character.
    Revan is the ultimate character if you ask me. So much potential and they threw it away.

    Force-sensitive Hehe, sounds pretty cool. Hmm maby you and I should write a book or something??
    1 hour 12 minutes ago
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  • Silmerion Revan

    Bastila: "On which planet were you born?"
    Revan: "Kashyyyk. I'm a Wookiee. Can't you tell?"
    Revan has many qualities, and surely, humour is one!

    Force-sensitive Humour is important, especially when your old friend is trying to kill you.
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  • strewyn
    2 days ago

    Ok forcebookers, and predominately ppl in Australia. We have 4 days left of the Omaze competition to win a spot In episode 7. I would love that spot but would also love the screening option to see ep7 before the rest of the world. Only costs $50k. Who is going to contribute. Need 20 ppl. Ideally one of them is really wealthy and prepared to put up like $49k.

    theforcebook Would love to, don't even have 1k to spare right now!!
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