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Hi all, how many of us are *still* on SWTOR? I say this because despite giving them money every month I haven't logged on in a long time. I got a new computer and haven't gotten around to buying a new video card yet.

reinstalled jedi academy on the pc, played it on the original xbox way back, still one of the best Sw-games

Out of the loop, as I don't have internet gaming available. And I won't
play the online stuff. Sorry

Kotor and Kotor 2 are without doubt the best SW games ever, the jedi knight series are a good second best in my opinion, there are a bunch of good but old Sw available on Good old Games now at reasonable prices

I'm not a big gamer either. since most of my games are on the laptop. I did have a PS2 that went belly-up on me a few years ago. The games I liked to play were "Revenge of the Sith" and "Republic Heroes".

darthwyck River_Rat I thought RotS was a much better game than movie. It gave so much more detail. 2 years ago

I'm really looking forward to the new Battlefront 3 because I LOVED Battlefront 1 and 2.

KOTOR 1 and 2 are great games, and SWTOR is really fun as a single player game and is free to play. I haven't played in a while and am a subscriber to SWTOR, which is a MMORPG but isn't super similar to World of Warcraft other than the basic structure. It's really fun and immersive in the Star Wars universe and is pretty complex. I could help you out on my toons ! I have Sith and Republic high level toons on the server The Harbinger.

I am a very beginner when it comes to games, but I have always been fascinated by Knights of the Old Republic. It has some of the most amazing characters ever. I am currently attempting to learn more about it in order to play.