• AngusAntilles
    I'm finally going to see 'Solo'. I've heard good things & bad things, but as far as being a fan goes, I'm pretty easy to please, ha ha.
    Sep 29 '18
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    Oct 7 '18
    It's a fun throwaway adventure that captures alot of the spirit of the OT. I like it more with each viewing.
    Oct 9 '18
    It definitely feels Star Wars. The plot however has a lot of errors. The biggest issue for me is its title "Solo". This is not Han Solo and the movie would have had much more success if this was a new hero.
    Oct 9 '18
    I agree it wasn't the Han we know. I think they were trying to show who he was in his youth before he became the Solo we all knew from the OT. But I really liked it.
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